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The Red Hat Open Source Program Office (OSPO) is focused on making open source succeed at every level: community management, development, event management… every aspect of open source can be improved for any project.

With that mission in mind, this section of our site is dedicated to hosting “evergreen” knowledge articles and links that will guide free and open source software project participants to better practices.

Community Management

Community Management is a major component of OSPO’s focus. The #osscommunities series of articles highlights a new aspect of community management, inviting community management experts from within and without Red Hat to lend their expertise and experience!

Encourage New Contributors

Ask Not What Your Community Can Do For You by Stephen Walli‏

Retaining Community Contributors and 3 ways you find the right contributor and where to find them by Rich Bowen

Encouraging new community members by Dave Neary

Developers: Adopt a designer by Andres Galante‏

Onboarding New Contributors in the Fedora Project by Brian Exelbierd, Fedora

Encouraging New Contributors by Brian Bouterse, Pulp Project

Encouraging New Contributors by Amye Scavarda, Gluster

Tips for Attracting Contributors to Open Source Project by Atul Jha

3 ways open source software communities could learn from Crossfit by Stormy Peters

Community events help recruit new contributors by Leslie Hinson

Maintaining Existing Community

Dangers of in-person meetings for an existing community by Karsten Wade

Every evangelist of yesteryear is now a Community Manager… by Stephen Walli‏

Maintainers vs Community by Mikeal Rogers

Encouraging New Contributors in Lima, Peru by Julita Inca

The Low Hanging Fruits of Open Source to Kick-off Your Open Source Contribution Journey! by Moin Shaikh‏

Growing a Contributor Base: Speed Matters by Josh Berkus

Maintaining Community with Clear Goals” by Brian Bouterse of the Pulp Project‏

3 things community managers can learn from the 50 state strategy by Dave Neary‏

Community Managers Sit Everywhere. Should They? by Brian Exelbierd, Fedora

Online Communities Meeting Face to Face by Amye Scavarda

Why do we have to travel so much when we have video conferencing? by Stormy Peters

10 ways community managers make sure projects are healthy. What do you think? by Stormy Peters

Difficult Conversations

Haters gonna hate: 7 ways to deal with criticism by Jason van Gumster and Ben Cotton

Breaking Down Conflicts In Open Source Community by Moin Shaikh

Create better processes to avoid difficult conversations by Stormy Peters

What Does a Community Manager Do by Rich Bowen

Of humans and feelings by Dave Neary‏

Measuring Success

Choosing the right metrics for your project by James Falkner

When Metrics Go Wrong by Dave Neary‏

3 important things to consider when measuring your success by Stormy Peters

Measuring Success of Your Open Source Community by Moin Shaikh