About Veethika Mishra

Veethika is an Interaction Designer at Red Hat, based out of Bangalore, India. She enjoys exploring the juncture of design and open source practices and highlighting the nuanced approach for design research when an open community is involved. She is also an active member of the Creative Commons community.

Doing Remote Work Smarter

Companies are now taking pride in their rankings for providing their employees with flexible, relaxed, and comfortable working hours to help them manage their lives better. In return, employers get access to the best talent from across the world without having to consider the geographical constraints. It is happening now more than ever, and needless to say that no one is perfectly equipped to tackle the emerging unexplored challenges that come with it.

Of course, we saw this coming. We knew there would be problems with the incompatible working hours, the difference in work cultures, technical problems with connectivity, etc. What was inadvertently overlooked was a simple fact that “humans are social animals.” We have been conditioned to rely on society around us for every kind of exchange and we do need a social confirmation of some sort to stay motivated and driven.

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