About Steven Ellis

Steven has been with Red Hat since they opened their New Zealand office in May 2011. His involvement in Open Source stretches back over 20 years, including over 15 years using Linux within a variety business environments. Since moving to New Zealand he has provided technical direction and operational guidance for a number of New Zealand companies on the use of Open Source and Linux through roles with Optimation and IBM prior to joining Red Hat. As NZ Platform Solution Architect, his focus areas are Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Virtualisation/Cloud products as well as Storage technologies. Follow him on Twitter @StevensHat

Event Report: Linux.conf.au 2019, Part 1

I’m often asked about the timing of linux.conf.au as it generally occurs during January, or early February, when a lot of people in Australia and New Zealand are taking a summer break. My response is that the timing is perfect as it provides a much needed mental jump start at the beginning of the year, and always leaves me excited about the amazing things happening within our Open Source community.

The 2019 linux.conf.au in Christchurch NZ, I’m very pleased to say, did not disappoint in this context. It easily stands as one of the best conferences I’ve been to in the last 10+ years, and I already can’t wait for next year’s conference in the Gold Coast of Australia. In addition Red Hat continues to sponsor the conference each year, and several colleagues had speaker slots.

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Down in Taz-Mania–Red Hat at LCA 2017 Hobart Part III

Tuz logo For some background I recommend you catch the earlier postings

Nadia LCASuitably refreshed after our conference dinner, our Thursday Keynote was Nadia Eghbal from GitHub. Her talk Consider the Maintainer looked at some of the issues when projects we all rely on may have a single maintainer or a single committer. If your organisation or project deeply relies on other Open Source projects you need to look at how you can support them, otherwise there is a potentially huge risk if the maintainer walks away.

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Down in Taz-Mania–Red Hat at LCA 2017 Hobart Part II

Tuz logo For some background I recommend you catch the earlier posting.

The conference had previously been held in Hobart back in 2009 and their mascot at the time was Tuz – a Tasmanian devil, wearing a fake beak, pretending to be a penguin. Wikipedia has more details on Tuz and the money raised in his honour that year. For 2017 the team had a local artist, Tania Walker, create an updated graphic featuring Tuz for the conference, shown at left.

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Down in Taz-Mania–Red Hat at LCA 2017 Hobart Part I

LCA logo January 2017 was time for our annual pilgrimage to the latest home of linux.conf.au, an annual technical conference that migrates around Australian and New Zealand locations each year. Read more background on the 2016 conference in Geelong.

This year nearly 600 geeks descended on Hobart Tasmania for 5 days of technical content, hardware hacking, networking and some ad-hoc dolphin watching. Once again we had a high level of Red Hat participation in the program, more details of which can be found on the Red Hat Community page.

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A Red Hat Journey to Linux.conf.au 2016

Linux.conf.au logo

Every year a (relatively) large number of Red Hatters descend upon a town/city in Australia or New Zealand for linux.conf.au. This is a blog of my week and a brain dump of sessions I attended or feel would be of value to my colleagues at Red Hat and in the broader open source community.

As a nomadic and volunteer-run event, linux.conf.au moves location each year around Australia and NZ, with a new team and a new focus. For 2016, the location was Geelong Australia from 1-5 February, with around 600 attendees from over 30 countries.

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