About Sanja Bonic

Sanja is the Senior Technical Program Manager for Project Atomic, currently residing in Scotland. Apart from Linux and Open Source, she cares about privacy, security, and decentralization. Also, she likes to fiddle around with Linux and occasionally gets frustrated doing exactly that.

A Community Manager’s Sorting Hat

sorting hat Previously, we talked about Project Management, Gantt Charts, and Communities—let’s take a look at the other hats a community manager wears and vice versa. Sometimes your job description within the company or project will differ but you’ll still be known as the community manager because it’s a more established title.

On the other hand, there is a lot of connotation around the title of a community manager, especially in tech. If you cannot prove a significant amount of contributions that developers value, you will quickly be disregarded as “the marketing person” (often accompanied with some eye rolling).

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