About Lev Veyde

Lev Veyde is a Software Engineer at Red Hat, based in Ra'anana, Israel.

How to Install oVirt’s Windows Guest Tools

The oVirt Windows Guest Tools (oVirt WGT) installer, which made its debut in oVirt version 3.5, allows users to optimize Windows VMs for oVirt by easing the installation of:

  • Para-virtualized VirtIO-Win drivers, that you need to run your Microsoft Windows VMs with optimum performance.

  • Spice QXL drivers, for the improved remote access and performance.

  • Guest Agents, services that provide additional support for running and accessing VMs in oVirt. In 3.5 these agents include:

    • oVirt Guest Agent, which reports to oVirt Manager information such as IP addresses and FQDN of the VM.
    • Spice Guest Agent, which provides functions such as copy-and-paste between the client and the VM, as well making it possible to seamlessly go in and out of the VM’s console with a mouse pointer. Without this agent, you would need to "release" your mouse pointer each time you want to go outside of the console.

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