About Laura Czajkowski

Laura Czajkowski is an open source advocate and regular conference speaker who is passionate about getting everyone from students at primary school to professionals at tier 1 banks involved in open source communities, both on IRC and in face-to-face discussions. Laura has been active in open source communities since 2000; in that time, she has been involved in leading and organizing conferences on software testing, documentation, and advocacy. Laura served for four years on the Ubuntu Local council and currently sits as an elected Ubuntu member on the Community council.

Three Tips for Running a FOSDEM DevRoom (Or any Single-Track Event)

(With Leslie Hawthorn)

For the past three years, we’ve run the FOSDEM Community DevRoom, welcoming speakers from the ranks of open source maintainers, community builders, FOSS non-profit organizations, and agile coaching. We’ve also been fortunate enough to get great reviews on our program curation and DevRoom facilitation, so we’re sharing a few tips to help people who’d like to run a DevRoom at FOSDEM.

This list isn’t just for FOSDEMers, though; it’s good for anyone who needs some getting-started advice on running a single-track program at any event!

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