About Lenka Bočincová

Lenka Bočincová is an internal communication specialist at Red Hat. She started as an intern and has recently become a full-time Red Hat employee. She mainly focuses on making content and organizing events.

Community Managers, What Do They Do?

community Communities are an important part of Red Hat culture and as we have many community managers here, I think it is worth sharing my community management research output with you.

Why did I do this research? We can look at our PnT Comms team as serving an internal community by creating content and events that openly exchange knowledge and ideas about PnT’s strategy, products, and people. All PnT associates could be called part of our community, which is the ideal world towards which we’re heading. This is why Tim Hildred asked me to find answers to these four questions:

  • Who is a community manager?
  • What are the main areas of responsibility of a community manager?
  • What are some things that community managers, both internal and external, do to achieve those things? How can we apply them in PnT Comms?
  • How do we measure the success of a community?

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