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DevConfUS LogoIt takes a village to raise a child, so the saying goes. That is also certainly the case for launching a new tech event, as the attendees of the inaugural have learned this week. has successfully started in the George Sherman Union on the campus of Boston University, and runs until this Sunday afternoon. Registration is free of charge, so developers from all across the New England area are welcome.

More than many conferences that we attend and host in the open source ecosystem, the DevConf family of events (which includes DevConf.CZ and DevConf.IN) is very much a developers’ conference designed to discuss the most cutting edge application and platform development advances.

Microservices, machine learning, networks, and cryptography are just a few of the subjects touched upon by speakers coming from around the world. And that’s just Day 1.

There are, as mentioned, a lot of people who pulled together to make this latest iteration of the DevConf conferences happen. The Team (and there’s a lot of them, to be sure) deserve congratulations for their efforts, to be sure, and I am sure there are many other people that could be named.

I have talked to quite a few developers already today, with a couple of sysadmins thrown in for good measure. For them, a free opportunity to see what the technology landscape looks like has been, thus far, invaluable.

We hope to see you at DevConf this weekend, too!

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