Interviews with SCALE13x Speakers

SCALE13x starts tomorrow in Los Angeles, but you can find out more about many of the speakers by reading interviews on the event blog, including:

Interview with Rikki EndsleyConfessions of a Reluctant Tweeter: Social Media for Open Source Projects, Friday at 3:45

Interview with Gina LikinsHow to Thoroughly Insult and Offend People in Your Open Source Communities, Friday at 1:15

Interview with Matthew Bringing Change to a Classic Distro (without too much kicking and screaming), Sunday at 4:30

Interview with Levente KurusaLinux Desktop: When Is Our Year?, Saturday at 6:00

Interview with Tom CallawayUnderstanding FOSS Licenses (without a lawyer), Saturday at 6:00

Interview with Brian ProffittWhy Scale Up is Like Star Trek and Scale Out is Like Star Wars, Saturday at 3:00

Interview with Joe BrockmeierSolving the Package Problem (or Making It Infinitely Worse?), Saturday at 1:30

Interview with Rich BowenIntro to OpenStack, Saturday at 11:30

When we aren’t in sessions or speaking, you’ll find us in the hallway tracks and in the expo hall. See you in sunny Los Angeles!