CentOS Dojo Denver and ApacheCon

A couple of really exciting events coming up for folks in or around Denver (or who don’t mind a wee bit of travel) in early April. ApacheCon will be running from the 7th through the 9th, followed by the first CentOS Dojo Denver on the 10th.

The ApacheCon schedule is looking pretty fantastic, with a line-up that encompasses big data, logging, cloud, software frameworks, development and architecture, and much more. We’re pleased to note that several folks from Red Hat will be speaking at ApacheCon, including:

There’s always much more to ApacheCon than just the talks, of course. There will be some really fun evening events to get to know other ApacheCon attendees, and plenty of "hallway track" opportunities to talk to folks using and developing Apache projects.

CentOS Dojo Denver

In the same venue, co-located with the CloudStack Collaboration Conference, you won’t want to miss the first CentOS Dojo to come to Denver.

We have a fantastic line-up of speakers, covering everything from the building out a data center, using Software Collections on CentOS, to managing your CentOS infrastructure using Ansible. We also have some excellent presentations on Xen4CentOS and using KVM and Xen in a cloud environment.

If you’re attending ApacheCon Denver you can add the Dojo on to your registration there, or if you’d just like to attend the CentOS Dojo, you can sign up directly. Dojo attendees are also invited to attend the CloudStack Collaboration Conference keynotes and evening event in the same location, thanks to Citrix for making that possible! We’re really excited to be bringing the Dojo to Denver and hope to see lots of the CentOS community at the Dojo. The full schedule is on the wiki.

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