Fedora 20 Released

The Fedora Project has announced the release of Fedora 20, just in time for the holidays! Code-named "Heisenbug," the Fedora 20 release comes in close to the 10th anniversary of the first Fedora release.

Heisenbug is much more than an anniversary present, though. The Fedora Project has served up a well-rounded release with plenty of improvements for all Fedora users. Fedora 20 promotes ARM to a primary architecture, brings additional emphasis to Fedora in the cloud with images well-suited to run natively on public and private clouds, and includes lots of improvements for the desktop and server.

For more info on the release see the Fedora Magazine post on the Heisenbug release. Also, if you’re upgrading from an older release of Fedora, see the PSA about a bug with the Fedora Upgrade (fedup) 0.7.0 utility and how to avoid it.

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