About Stormy Peters

Stormy Peters is an information technology industry analyst and prominent free and open source software (FOSS) advocate, promoting business use of FOSS. Currently the Senior Manager of Community Team in Open Source and Standards, Stormy co-founded, and was later appointed as executive director of the GNOME Foundation. Follow her on Twitter @storming.

Blog Challenge--Open Source Community Events

Summit Last month we ran a community blogging challenge on opensource.com. People really enjoyed both the writing prompts as well as hearing what others have to stay. Many expressed disappointment that the blogging challenge has ended, so we decided to bring it back! We want to hear what you have to say! We want to make sure that open source software communities have access to the best practices across all projects.

This week the focus is on events! For many of you, May was event month. ApacheCon, Open Stack Summit, OSCON, OSCAL, Read the Docs, Red Hat Summit, and PyCon are just a few of the events in May. So while you are thinking of them, what advice do you have for other open source software communities?

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Our Developers are the Seed of our Community

seedling “Our developers are the seed of our community.”—Daniel Veillard

When companies open source products, they often spend a lot of time thinking—and worrying—about creating a community. In reality, they are the community. The product developers are core of the community—its first maintainers.

After the product’s code has been released as open source, they should focus on making sure that community is public and welcoming of newcomers. They can start by working in the open, as the open source community they are.

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Discovering Open Source at Red Hat

Red Hat is an open source company and I think it really shows in two important ways.

The first way that Red Hat is an open source software company is probably the one you'd expect: everything is open source! All of Red Hat's products are open source. When Red Hat acquires companies, one of the first things they do is work on open sourcing the software. I now get to help with that process.

Red Hat open source page

When Red Hat develops software, they do so in open source. Red Hat, like many open software organizations, distinguishes between upstream and downstream. Upstream is the community project and downstream is the product delivered to customers. Both are open source but a huge effort is made to make sure all new code is in the upstream.

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