Articles from Ruth Suehle

Perusing OSAS' Menu of Services

menu options As Red Hat's community portfolio grows, the Open Source and Standards (OSAS) team needs to shift our approach to supporting their needs. To accomplish this, the OSAS Community Outreach team will be shifting to a consultancy-style approach.

The idea for this new approach was formed a couple of years ago, when Brian Proffitt, Jason Brooks, and I were in a chocolate store down the street from the Red Hat corporate headquarters in Raleigh, brainstorming on ways we could expand the OSAS footprint.

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Announcing Pidora, the Fedora Raspberry Pi remix

Today Fedora and the Seneca Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) are announcing the release of Pidora 18 (, an optimized Fedora remix for the Raspberry Pi. It's based on a brand new build of Fedora for the ARMv6 architecture with greater speed and includes packages from the Fedora 18 package set. It's also the launch of the Pidora name.


  • Almost all of the...

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Where to catch OpenStack at Red Hat Summit

If you're planning to come to Red Hat Summit next month, you'll have plenty of chances to learn more about OpenStack in 12 sessions on various aspects, including:

Introduction to Red Hat OpenStack

Red Hat has contributed to OpenStack for more than a year, and is committed to releasing a commercial product based on the project. In this session, Chuck Dubuque and Gerry Riveros will provide an overview...

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Are you open source enough?

Is your project open source enough? Are you? Are you doing enough for your communities? Accusations like these are getting thrown around more and more, often in the simple form, "X isn't really open." It's a question we've even asked ourselves from time to time when we post stories on—is this a real example of openness? But what is "open enough?" And does it really matter?


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