About Patrick McGarry

Patrick McGarry is currently incarnated as Director of Ceph Community at Red Hat, working to spread the Ceph gospel. An experienced community manager, gamer, mischief maker, and all-around geek, Patrick spent five years writing and managing Slashdot under the nomme du keyboard 'scuttlemonkey'. Patrick enthusiastically helps companies understand and adopt open source ideals and continues to be a strong advocate of FOSS on the desktop and in the enterprise. He has strong feelings about tomatoes, longs for his deep, dark cave, and still hates writing these bios.

Ceph Community Update—January 2016

Ceph logo It has been quite a while since a coordinated Ceph update has made it to the Ceph blog, so I figured it was time to gather all of the various threads and make sure they were in a single place for consumption.

Quite a lot is happening in the Ceph world and, depending on what part of the project you are involved with, there is more than likely to be a place for you to deepen your engagement with...

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Ceph Day Update

The 2015 Ceph Day schedule is on its way. Rest assured, our radio silence on new events over the past few months has been down to planning for an even more packed 2015 itinerary. At the same time, we have been furiously updating the Ceph YouTube Channel with sessions from last year's events.

For the uninitiated, Ceph Days are the major upstream events for the Ceph community. With the project's...

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Ceph Student Devs Hit Midterm for Google Summer of Code 2014

Last week marked the halfway point for the Google Summer of Code, and Ceph developers received high marks. Two student developers are currently contributing code to the open source project, working closely with knowledgeable mentors from the Ceph community and Red Hat. In February 2014, Ceph was accepted as a mentoring organization to the prestigious Google program, which pairs student developers...

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Ceph Turns 10: A Look Back

Although many people at this point have heard Sage’s history of where Ceph came from, I am still often asked questions like "what was the original use case for Ceph?"

So, in honor of the 10th birthday of Ceph, I thought it might be helpful (and hopefully interesting, given how much I love to hear Sage tell the story) to share Ceph’s origin story and the road to where we are today.

The history of Ceph can be broken down into four distinct segments:

  1. Research
  2. Incubation (DreamHost)
  3. Commercialization (Inktank)
  4. Acquisition (Red Hat)

It’s pretty amazing to see where Ceph started, all of the hard work by so many people through each of the first three stages, and the exciting possibilities in the most recent phase that is just beginning under Red Hat’s stewardship.

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Next Ceph Developer Summit Fast Approaching

The countdown is on for the June 24th Ceph Summit, when Ceph core developers and the community can get together (virtually) to discuss what's coming in the next Ceph release. Although we're sticking to our quarterly schedule, this summit will be slightly different from previous summits.

Usually we hold a summit right around the time of a major release (Dumpling, Emperor, Firefly); however, the...

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