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All Things Open: A Look at Copyleft

I have a somewhat embarrassing admission: I've been working in (or at least near) open source software for a little more than two years and, before All Things Open last month, I didn't really understood the subtleties around different types of open source licenses.

I wasn't a total IP ignoramous. I even took a graduate-level class in media law while I was in journalism school and we covered copyright in great detail. So, I understood that according to US law, everything was copyrighted upon creation (or more accurately, when fixed in a set medium). And I understood that there were open source licenses that essentially released works from copyright.

But (here's the admission) I thought "copyleft" was a specific license. I learned otherwise when Andrew Hall, a lawyer with Fenwick and West, LLP, who specializes in IP law, explained in his Open Source Licensing & Business Models talk that copyleft is not a specific license, but rather a term that describes all licenses that allow derivative works, but require derivates (if distributed) to use the same license as the original work.

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OSCON 2014: Practice Makes Perfect — How Tech Events Make Women Feel Welcome

Watching how technology-related events have handled issues around diversity and the inclusion of women in recent years is like watching someone practice piano: it isn't perfect, but you can see and appreciate the effort being put into it. You also can hope that as awkward as it is now, if the effort continues, eventually we won't need to think about women at tech conferences.

Attending OSCON this...

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