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Abby works as Events Support for the Global Events and Marketing team at Red Hat. As a recent graduate from NC State, you can always find her cheering on the Wolfpack. Follow her on Twitter at @abbscam.

Diversity Value in Tech Goes Beyond Numbers

Women in Open Source Logo A special session of the recent All Things Open conference presented a screening of the documentary, CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap. Knowing that Red Hat has a strong interest in diversity recruiting, I decided to attend. It was a good decision; I was in awe after only minutes into the documentary.

For example, did you know that there are three times as many software engineers needed than the number of software engineers actually being produced? Part of the reason for this huge need comes from the lack of women in the IT field. As tech companies began to disclose the lack of diversity in their organizations, the results were not pretty.

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Community Profile--RDO Project

RDO logo

Community Profile: RDO Project
Name: RDO
Initial Release: April 15, 2013
Community Manager: Rich Bowen
Downstream: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Openstack Platform (RHELOSP)
Upstream: OpenStack
Governance: A collaborative, community-driven governance that communicates through IRC and various RDO mailing lists. (rdo-list@redhat.com)
Web Site: https://www.rdoproject.org
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus
Software: Download, Source Code
Description: A free distribution of OpenStack that runs on CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. RDO is different from many other OpenStack distributions in that it is community-supported. OpenStack is open source software to build public and private clouds.

The Open Source and Standards (OSAS) team at Red Hat continues to support a variety of open source projects driven by different communities. Of the communities that OSAS supports, RDO will be the second community highlighted in our new blog series. The goal of these blogs is that readers will further understand the highlight community and how they play into the Red Hat ecosystem.

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Event Report--Flock 2015

Flock logo Did you miss the Flock to Fedora conference, or just want to relive the greatness?

With many workshops, presentations, and over 200 attendees, it's safe to say that Flock 2015 was a huge success.

This year's location at the Rochester Institute of Technology was quite the compatible fit. Fedora is quite popular among RIT students and faculty alike. One RIT researcher, Jon Schull, even started the e­NABLE Community Foundation ­­ a non­profit organization that creates prosthetic upper-limb devices for children in need. These limbs are created with a 3D printer as well as open source software running on the Fedora platform. Flock attendees had the opportunity to learn more about e­NABLE from Schull himself.

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