oVirt logo One of the really great things about working with communities is when you wake up one morning and find someone has generously donated their time and effort to deliver something that benefits all.

In this case, oVirt has Wesley Morais de Oliveira to thank for releasing a set of 10 videos detailing the basic steps for setting up and configuring oVirt. This includes the oVirt Engine as well as oVirt Node.

Actually, this is something de Oliveira has done before: the Brazilian community member has already produced a six-part series videos on oVirt Hosted Engine feature, and a 20-part series of basic oVirt set up, all in Portuguese.

The 10 videos released this week have no audio, and use English captions to convey details of the set up steps. If de Oliveira is planning to match his original series, then we should see an additional 10 videos with English captions in the future.

For now, here are the first 10 videos in the English series: