The Satellite team spent the first parts of February meeting and working with users of their upstream projects Foreman and Katello.

We started the week in Brussels at FOSDEM. As a first time attendee, I was impressed with how many passionate open source developers were at this conference. Danial Lobato (@eLobatoss) gave talks on how developers could contribute to Foreman, and then showed how to use Katello and Foreman together to manage and deploy Docker containers. Petr Chalupa (@pitr_ch) discussed improvements in concurrent-ruby based on his work in Foreman.

The real action was in the central hall. The team commandeered some booth space and spent two days meeting with users. They answered questions, showed future features, and helped to debug issues in running systems. The team topped off the two days with a community dinner at Drug Opera in the lower town. The community discussed things ranging from UI improvements to strategies to tie pony tails with only one hand.

The team then moved on to Ghent, to attend Config Management Camp. This is a two-day conference that brings users and developers of configuration management tools from around the world. Foreman was the third most requested room, and it was busy the whole weekend. Ohad Levy (@ohadlevy) organized two great days of talks in the Foreman room. After two days, we were glad to be heading home, but energized by such a strong community.

Foreman: Join the Foreman community on the project website, the mailing lists foreman-users and foreman-dev, or on IRC at #theForeman or #theForeman-dev.

Katello: Learn more about Katello at the project website or the mailing lists and IRC channels for Foreman.