On the Friday before FOSDEM, we gathered at the IBM offices in Brussels for the CentOS Dojo.

This morning, Haikel Guemar led a hands-on RDO tutorial, in which he presented some basic information about RDO, and then provided instructions to install RDO, and several of us walked around ensuring that it was all going well.

Due to time, as well as VM limitations, we installed a subset of the entire OpenStack packages - just Nova, Glance, Keystone, Neutron, and Horizon. (Optionally, Swift.)

Also, rather than using the repo referenced in the RDO QuickStart, we used the newly available repo on the CentOS build system: http://buildlogs.centos.org/centos/7/cloud/openstack-rdo/centos-cloud-rdo.repo. This was done to demonstrate our ongoing move to packaging RDO via the CentOS Cloud SIG.

Following Haikel's presentation, Jakub Ruzicka talked about ways to participate in the RDO project. Jakub talked about the RDO Packaging Guide, and mentioned several places that people could get involved, including the effort to package OpenStack for CentOS 6.

We had perhaps 30 people in attendance, and it looked like at least a dozen people made it successfully through deploying RDO, which was encouraging; however, Haikel and I talked afterwards about what we might do to make events like this more successful in the future. If you were in attendance and have any suggestions, please send your comments to the rdo-list mailing list, so that we can help more people have a successful experience.

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