OpenStack Icehouse, the ninth release of the OpenStack cloud platform, rolled out on April 17, and on April 29 (Tuesday), the RDO release manager Pádraig Brady announced the availability of the RDO packaging of Icehouse on the rdo-list mailing list.

RDO is a packaging of upstream OpenStack for easy deployment on CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Because deploying OpenStack can be such a challenge, RDO greatly simplifies this using Puppet scripts and a quick three-step process to getting up and running – just follow the Quick Start Guide.

We're very excited about the new features in the Icehouse release – more than 350 new features, developed by more than 1,200 contributors – and the new incubated projects that are going to make OpenStack even better in future releases. And we're proud to be a leader in making those changes happen.

Come talk with us at the OpenStack Summit about how you're using OpenStack in your organization, and to see how you can get involved in the RDO project.

The OpenStack Summit will be held May 12-16 in Atlanta.

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