oVirt Community Update: April 2014

The community has been vital part of oVirt since its beginning. Recently, we started a new community metrics page, which gathers information on activity in the oVirt community.

The table below shows the total contributions for oVirt in March 2014 in terms of authors, commits, and mailing list particpants:

Contributors Commits Participants
Red Hat Employees 57 754 58
Community 20 81 130
Total 77 835 188
Community % of total     26.0% 9.7% 69.2%

*oVirt Project Stats on 3/21/2014

March was a relatively busy month for the oVirt crew, what with getting oVirt 3.4 ready and all. We were happy to see a lot of new features in oVirt 3.4, with some contributed by developers outside Red Hat, including PPC64 support from IBM for both the oVirt engine and VDSM.

There is a perception out there that oVirt is a Red Hat-only project, but in reality there are many contributors and participants from the community who have contibuted code to oVirt: Intel, Dell, NetApp, and SUSE.

Admittedly, there is a ways to go. Community diversity is a priority for oVirt, because it’s not just enough that users experience this powerful datacenter management platform. We want as many people as possible involved to help make oVirt a better platform that will serve their needs and the broader user community.

To get involved with the oVirt community, visit: http://www.ovirt.org/Community

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