Over the last two days we've been holding an RDO Havana test day, to put RDO through its paces in anticipation of the Havana release next month. With more than 20 community members participating, we tested a variety of setups to ensure that RDO installs OpenStack without a hitch on all supported platforms - Fedora, CentOS, Scientific Linux, and RHEL.

Of course, there were some snags on the way, which is why we do these events - to find and fix these problems. And so we opened 29 Bugzilla tickets, and documented various workarounds that can be used to get past those problems until they can be fixed.

Many thanks to all the people who participated, and helped make RDO, as well as upstream OpenStack, better for everyone.

We'll be holding these test days on a regular basis, so watch the RDO Forum, or follow us on Twitter, for word of the next one, which is tentatively scheduled for October 29th/30th following the Havana release.