If you're planning to come to Red Hat Summit next month, you'll have plenty of chances to learn more about OpenStack in 12 sessions on various aspects, including:

Introduction to Red Hat OpenStack

Red Hat has contributed to OpenStack for more than a year, and is committed to releasing a commercial product based on the project. In this session, Chuck Dubuque and Gerry Riveros will provide an overview of Red Hat OpenStack and detail:

  • How Red Hat OpenStack is different from community distributions
  • Red Hat’s OpenStack strategy
  • Where OpenStack fits in an open hybrid cloud infrastructure (spanning datacenter virtualization, private, and public cloud)

OpenStack: Core Components & Capabilities

OpenStack complements Red Hat’s cloud products by enabling enterprises and service providers to build an open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. In this Taste of Training session, Bowe Strickland will introduce OpenStack’s core components and capabilities. Additionally, attendees will gain hands on experience performing basic tasks in a live OpenStack environment.

Integration of Storage, OpenStack & Virtualization

In this session, senior product and engineering leaders from Red Hat’s cloud, storage, and vitualization teams will outline the integration roadmap for Red Hat Storage, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and Red Hat OpenStack.

Red Hat OpenStack Performance & Scale

In this session, Mark Wagner will review performance and scale testing of Red Hat OpenStack, including management platform performance and individual node performance. He will also discuss the tools, methodologies, and strategies used in the testing. And using test data from Red Hat’s Performance Lab, Mark will demonstrate tunings that improve performance and show where these tunings will be applied to improve out-of-the-box performance. He will also reveal tips and tricks for achieving higher density.

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