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Welcome to the New Gluster Community Lead

Gluster logo The Open Source and Standards team in Red Hat is very pleased to announce the addition of a new team member: Amye Scavarda, who will be taking the role of GlusterFS Community Lead.

Amye's journey to the GlusterFS Project could arguably be said to have started when she turned away from Dreamweaver web technology in 2008 while working on large Department of Energy cleanup sites as a technologist. A Portland, OR resident, Amye was invited by a friend to look for solutions at the annual Open Source Conference. It would be at OSCON that Amye would learn about the Drupal content management system.

GlusterFS is a scalable network filesystem that is the upstream for Red Hat Gluster Storage. With its broad and global community, GlusterFS has been a powerful voice in the storage ecosystem for quite some time. Amye's steps into the role of Community Lead is a strong fit for the skills she brings.

After becoming a website consultant focusing on Drupal-based solutions, Amye soon learned the attraction and strength that an open source community could provide to a project like Drupal. Embracing the open source way through project management and analysis, Amye was able to work on projects for a wide variety of clients including the United Nations and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Her previous work at Acquia had her working with user communities of various skillsets, which enabled her to immediately see the impact of her work, something she enjoyed immensely.

Amye's background in project management will serve her in good stead as the GlusterFS Community Lead, as she sees herself as a facilitator for the project, not a manager. Some of Amye's more immediate goals will include revitalizing the GlusterFS board, increasing community contributions, and helping the project figure out where it needs to go in a future that is ever-changing.

With the skills and energy Amye possesses, there is little doubt that GlusterFS' immediate future is looking much brighter.

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Open Source Curriculum Ideas Wanted

IFL logo Recently I’ve begun volunteering at Idea Fab Labs here in Santa Cruz, with two specific goals — expanding the space to include free/open source software ethos and hacking, and helping all these awesome makers with questions and reality around the open source way.

Tip — I got quite fired-up to do this from Ruth Suehle’s keynote at SCALE this year, so go watch that if you need any reason why you should be helping maker spaces and friends with your open sourcery.

On the first goal, I’m working up a space in the fab labs — similar to the 3D printing, CNC router, laser cutter, jewelry zone, electronics, etc. spaces — goal is to have a place to drop in and do real software hacking; teach others from the bottom all the way up on how and why to contribute; or, yeah, even freaking care about open source software.

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RDO Interviews Flavio Percoco From Zaqar

RDO logo Zaqar (formerly called Marconi) is the messaging service in OpenStack. I recently had an opportunity to interview Flavio Percoc, who is the PTL (Project Technical Lead) of that project, about what’s new in Kilo, and what’s coming in Liberty.

The recording is here, and the transcript follows after the break.

(If the player below doesn't work for you, you can listen HERE)

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Adieu, Portland!

OSCON logo The crush of the crowd was full of anticipation. Hundreds of red baseball caps surrounded us, all holding their numbered tickets and waiting to hear their number to be called.

In the booth, we stood fast, tossing out offerings of t-shirts to keep the swelling crowd appeased as they waited for the appointed hour. It was tough going; the RDO and CentOS shirts were flying out, while oVirt shirts were slower to be distributed.

Then, it was time. The drawings for the four prizes–two Go Pros and two Bose sound systems–were successful, and the happy prize winners went their separate ways and the sea of red hats dissipated, blending with the rest of the OSCON floor crowd.

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Manage Your Datacenter By Phone

oVirt logo The oVirt development team is very pleased to announced the release of version 1.0 of moVirt, which is now officially available as an Android app on the Google Play store.

The moVirt app, which was released on August 4, is a mobile client for oVirt that aims not to duplicate the features of the existing web dashboard but strives to be a useful companion app.

moVirt contains three main features: Monitoring of virtual machine health, such as memory/CPU utilization, status, and events; integration with SPICE and VNC; and bridging the physical world of servers with the virtual world of oVirt using the techniques of augmented reality that can scan data matrix codes located physically on servers.

This last feature is exceptionally cool, since a user can make use of a mobile device's camera to gather additional data like host status, resource utilization, and VMs running on a physical server.

moVirt is the product of a lot of great work from oVirt developers, as well as interns from the GNOME Outreachy Project, who have been instrumental in pushing moVirt to this initial release.

If you have an Android device and are using oVirt to manage your data center, check out these moVirt demos and then download the app for yourself!

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GNOME Community Converges For GUADEC

GUADEC logo Next week, hundreds of GNOME developers and users will arrive in Gothenburg, Sweden for GUADEC, GNOME's annual flagship conference. GNOME is a free software desktop environment with a focus on ease of use and accessibility for all. It is the default desktop environment for many distributions, including Fedora, CentOS, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

GUADEC is where the GNOME community meets to plan new features and to get to know the people they see online every day. Because GNOME works on every layer of the stack, GUADEC draws developers working on everything from applications to the kernel. The technologies showcased at GUADEC are often used in surprising places, such as virtualization and container software.

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Getting Your Community The Best Documentation

Open Help logo The 2015 Open Help Conference & Sprints takes place September 26-30 in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Our own Shaun McCance recently outlined some of the best practices in managing your own documentation sprints.

Sprints are one of the most effective tools for building momentum and community around an open source documentation project. For the past four years, the Open Help Conference & Sprints has hosted doc sprints for a number of prominent open source projects, and often has been the first sprint venue for a project. Open Help celebrates its fifth year in 2015 with a venue upgrade and space for six doc sprints.

Open Help has a unique format that includes presentations as well as attendee-led open discussion. Open source projects face unique challenges, and the discussion format allows people to ask questions and share solutions on everything from content planning to building community.

Perhaps more importantly, though, Open Help hosts three-day doc sprints for open source projects. Open Help handles all the logistics, freeing people up to focus on their content and their community. What's more, having sprints alongside other projects affords the opportunity to learn best practices from other teams…

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Event Report--FUDCon Pune 2015

FUDCon Pune logo FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developers Conference, a major free software event held in various regions around the world, usually annually per region. Kushal Das has blogged about his experiences at the latest FUDCon in Pune, India:

I don’t remember when I called Siddhesh for the first time to talk about organising FUDCon in India this year. But the discussion started, at first I wanted to bid with Durgapur as the venue. But after some discussion, we agreed that Pune is a better place in many cases which we want in a venue for FUDCon.

The Bid and Venue

I was in Kolkata, I was not directly involved with the bid. But the team did an amazing job in putting up the bid, doing many ground works. MITCoE was chosen as the venue, but we had few other college names in the list as backup…

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The Worst-Named Job In The World

Open your favorite search engine on another browser tab. Enter "Community Manager." Go ahead, I'll wait.

On Google, the first page of results reveals nine general links and three news links: one Wikipedia entry, five pages on community management as a social media function, two links to job postings for social media community managers, and a link to a page about real estate community managers. Of the three news stories, one was a piece on social community management, another on game community management, and the last on real estate community management.

Over on Bing, the same search reveals the same Wikipedia page, four job-search-related community management links, two links to social community management pages, and two real estate community management pages.

Yahoo? No less than eight ad-based search results, and pretty much the same mix and content that Bing had.

And so on.

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