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Back to School - Upcoming University Outreach Events

Recently Red Hatters have been hopping from plane to plane as they visit university campuses across the US to promote open source software and concepts to higher education communities. Here's where you'll find them next:

To learn more about Red Hat University Outreach, contact Tom Callaway.

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RDO Test Days for OpenStack Juno M3

Calling OpenStack users! Want to help make OpenStack dead easy to install on CentOS, Fedora, and/or RHEL? Join us for the next test days in early October. The OpenStack Juno release is getting closer and the RDO community is planning to run test days on October 1, 2014 and October 2, 2014.

The RDO team will be providing packages for CentOS, Fedora, and RHEL:

  • CentOS 7
  • RHEL 6.5
  • RHEL 7
  • Fedora 20
  • Fedora 21

You'll want to have a fresh install of one (or more, if you're ambitious) of the operating systems listed, and join the RDO team on Freenode in the #rdo channel.

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The ManageIQ Design Summit - a small intimate gathering of cloud experts

We're happy to announce the preliminary agenda for the upcoming ManageIQ Design Summit, a 2-day event on October 7 & 8 in Montvale, NJ. Be sure to RSVP soon, as space is very limited. As mentioned in the title, it's a small intimate gathering of cloud experts, those interested in pushing the limits of ManageIQ and setting the roadmap for development. If you're a ManageIQ user who wants to learn how to make the most of its automation and orchestration capabilities, then there will be plenty for you, too:

  • Tour the new RESTful APIs released in Anand
  • Create reusable components for automation and orchestration of your hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Hack rooms for those who want to dive in

The proud sponsors of the event are Red Hat and Booz Allen Hamilton. I've been told to be on the lookout for a new open source cloud broker project from the Booz Allen engineers.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Aaron Patterson (aka tenderlove) joins ManageIQ Team

We are thrilled to announce that Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove) has joined the ManageIQ team.

Aaron is the only engineer in the world who is on the core Ruby and core Rails teams. He is the author of Nokogiri (XML parser), Psych (YAML parser) and has improved ActiveRecord substantively in usability and performance.

Aaron is also on the Ruby and Rails security teams. He is the top contributor to Rails of all time. Aaron is often invited to speak at conferences - some of his talks can be found on Confreaks. And, of course, he has more than 20,000 followers on Twitter.

Aaron will be splitting his time in continuing to move the Ruby and Rails communities forward as well as helping us with the ManageIQ project. Some of the things Aaron will focus on for ManageIQ are getting our software to Ruby 2.x and Rails 4.x, removing the need for our own Rails extensions and forks, and helping to tackle our technical debt.

We look forward to great contributions from Aaron to the Ruby, Rails, and ManageIQ communities!

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How to Build Your Applications to Scale in the Cloud

If you missed Open Cloud Day at OSCON, you missed some spectacular presentations. We had a fantastic line-up and a sensational audience with brilliant questions. Did I mention it was really, really good?

But the purpose of this post isn't to gloat about being there, but to share some of the goodness with everyone else. Today's choice cut is Red Hat's own Steven Citron-Pousty, who helps spread the word about OpenShift. (And if you were at Open Cloud Day, you might enjoy giving it a second viewing.)

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CentOS Dojos: An Overview and Invite to Orlando

As I help plan for an upcoming CentOS Dojo in Orlando, FL at Fossetcon on Thursday, September 11th. I've had a chance to think over all the aspects of this unique event.

What makes a CentOS Dojo interesting is part of what makes it unique. Events by a Linux distro community are usually about the distro itself, and Dojos focus mainly on cool things done on top of or with the core or modified distro. Most Dojo talks focus on these areas of emerging technologies beyond just the Linux system itself, all in the domain of systems administration, operations, and best practises.

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A Cinematic Peek at oVirt 3.5

Things have seemed a bit quiet on the oVirt front recently, but rest assured, they are not.

The community has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on oVirt 3.5, which is due for GA release soon, so if they've been quieter than usual, that's why. But they're still around, and every once in a while, they will show off a little more of what they are doing. Recently, the community has produced four new videos, three of them focused on the upcoming 3.5 release.

One of the most well-known and frequently used features in oVirt is virtual machine snapshot management. In oVirt 3.5, this snapshot features have been expanded to include a far more robust management interface, such as viewing disk snapshots in the context of a storage domain. You can see in more in this 86-second demo video.

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ManageIQ Anand Has Been Released

ManageIQ is the world's leading open source cloud management platform. Use ManageIQ as your gateway to services running on public cloud infrastructure, such as AWS or OpenStack-based clouds, or private virtualization platforms such as VSphere, Hyper-V or RHEV/oVirt. The hybrid, open source nature of ManageIQ is why we call it "your gateway to the open cloud." ManageIQ ensures that the promise of the open cloud remains viable in today's competitive landscape.

ManageIQ was once the eponymous proprietary product of a startup with a rich history in systems management. After acquisition by Red Hat, it was released under the CloudForms brand, with the intent of releasing it as an open source project and community. We launched the community back in June of this year, along with the first source code availability, and now we have the first release under our belts.

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Report: oVirt at LinuxCon

One of the biggest conferences in the Linux community these days is surely LinuxCon, and this year's LinuxCon North America did not disappoint.

Red Hat was there in force, with representatives from the oVirt, RDO, Fedora, Project Atomic, ManageIQ, OpenShift and Gluster communities being represented in sessions and in the booth (which was quite crowded at times). The Ceph crew had their own booth, based on an earlier arrangement with the show organizers, but we still teased them about being stand-offish anyway.

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